Eyecon:Vampire Diaries Update

Eyecon: Vampire Diaries will be taking place this coming weekend in Atlanta, and star Ian Somerhalder has been added to the guest list. Somerhalder, who plays older Salvatore brother Damon, will join castmates Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert), Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood), and Robert Pralgo (Mayor Lockwood) in the first ever Vampire Diaries convention. Two previously announced guests, Lauren Cohan (Rose) and Chris W. Martin (Zach Salvatore) have pulled out due to work commitments.

Events for the weekend will include Q&A sessions, autograph and photo op sessions, the Friday night Cocktail Carnival of Terror, Saturday Celebrity Banquet, the Mystic Masquerade Ball, and the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.

More details on the con can be found at this link, or at the official website page at http://www.eyeconfla.com.

Eyecon: Vampire Diaries takes place March 25-27.

Image credit: The CW

EyeCon: Vampire Diaries Convention Coming to Atlanta

EyeCon Celebrity Autograph Conventions, best known for conventions geared towards the shows “Supernatural” and “True Blood” and the movie Twilight, have added a new show and location to their ever-growing offerings as they bring EyeCon Vampire Diaries to Atlanta, GA the weekend of  March 25-27.

The guest list so far looks very promising: Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert), Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood), Robert Pralgo (Mayor Lockwood), Lauren Cohan (Rose), and Chris W. Martin (Zach Salvatore) have all been confirmed; more guests could be added at a later date. Activities will include Q&A panels, autograph and photo op sessions, a celebrity cocktail party, and a Saturday night Masquerade Ball.

EyeCon has quickly grown in size and popularity since its inception in 2006. Although the cons are smaller (generally around 600 or so people), the smaller size lends to a more friendly and intimate atmosphere which is enjoyed by guests and fans alike. One of my very first fan convention experiences was EyeCon’s first Supernatural event in 2007, where I got to meet several of the stars from the show, as well as some fans who have since become great friends. If you’re never been to an EyeCon convention, you should definitely check one out!

EyeCon: Vampire Diaries will take place March 25-27 at the Westin Atlanta Airport hotel. Details and ticket information can be found on EyeCon’s official website or on their Facebook page.

Hope to see you there!

EyeCon: Vampire Diaries image used with permission.

Happy New Year from the Grown-Up Fangirl!

Happy New Year everyone!!! 2010 was a great year in books, music, television and movies, and I am really looking forward to all of the entertainment goodies that await me in 2011. Just in case you are interested, here is a list of the things I’m most looking forward to fangirling about in 2011.

The Quibbler headlines the MoM's declaration that Harry is "Undesirable No. 1"

First thing’s first: HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2 (c’mon now, you knew this would be first in the list!):  The end of 2010 brought Harry Potter fans part 1 of the adaptation of the final HP novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. While DHP1 was probably one of the best films in the series, for me it only cemented the fact that Part 2 will be EPIC in terms of storytelling and properly closing out the franchise. I am very much looking forward to the scenes in Gringott’s Bank, Harry’s walk towards death, Snape’s memories, and – oh yes – Ron and Hermione’s much anticipated kiss. However, I do not look forward to the sense of loss I will feel when the closing credits begin to play, and will probably sit through until the very end just to confirm to myself that yes, it is indeed over.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking DawnI have to admit that in regard to Breaking Dawn, I’m only interested in seeing it because I want to see how in the world this story will translate onscreen, period. Anyone who knows me knows that while I loved the novel at first glance, the more and more I pondered how the final chapter in Bella’s story was told, the more and more I disliked it, and my dislike for Breaking Dawn eventually killed my fangirl love for the series as a whole. I still like the story, but the way that Stephenie Meyer completely changes her characters in the final novel just didn’t sit right with me, and because of this I’ve had almost no interest in any news regarding the fourth-and-fifth films in the franchise. However, me being who I am, I wouldn’t feel right not seeing the franchise through until the very end, so here’s hoping that the onscreen version of BD will peak my interest again long enough for me to sit through the film. Also, any chance to drool over Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz is okay with me.

“Supernatural”: 2010 also brought an unexpected treat for “Supernatural” fans, as the always-underrated but highly popular CW show was renewed for a sixth season (it was originally supposed to be a five-season show). Sam and Dean were able to stop the coming Apocalypse, but not without heavy losses and serious consequences. Fans who were expecting a Sam/Dean reunion only got part of what they wanted, as Sam returned a bit…different than he was when he left. This turn of events has given us a different look at the brothers Winchester, and I absolutely love not knowing what to expect with these two. The show is currently on winter hiatus, but will be back on January 28th to draw fans back into the increasing conflict and drama, and I for one will be glued to the television set when it does.

“Vampire Diaries”: I can’t even begin to state how much I am enjoying this show right now!!! When VD was first being pitched, I really thought this would be a Twilight ripoff (yes, I know that the VD books were written WAY before Twilight, but since Twilight hit the screen first, you know…). However, this show is what Twilight wants to be but never will. The writers for this show have taken the L.J. Smith’s story and expanded it in ways I never expected, and I LOVE it!! The Elena/Stefan/Damon/Katherine storyline stays fresh and interesting, and Nina Dobrev is amazing pulling double duty between being sinfully sweet Elena and wickedly irresistible Katherine. The promos for the second half of season 2 looks very promising, as we will see what happens when Tyler shifts for the first time, and the “I-saw-it-coming” love triangle between Tyler/Caroline/Matt. It also looks like Rose will have an interesting storyline to deal with as well when the show returns to TV January 27th.

“V”: FINALLY returns to TV on Tuesday night after a too-damn-long hiatus! ABC re-aired the last episode of “V”, and I think the accompanying promo for the new episodes have gotten me excited for this show again. Anna is angry and hell-bent on destroying the humans, and it will be fun to watch what happens as she also struggles with the fact that she is experiencing the unexpected: human emotion. I’m not completely hooked on this show yet, but I’m invested enough to continue watching to see where it will go.

Aeternitas 2011 : Aeternitas is a Harry Potter fan convention that will take place in Laconia, N.H. the last weekend in April. I’m very excited to attend this event, as there will be nothing but HP fans in attendance and since it’s a smaller convention, there will be more chances for me to really get to know some of the online friends I’ve had for years.

Eyecon Vampire Diaries: Eyecon was one of the very first themed fan conventions I had been to, and to this day it has been one of – if not the best convention I’ve ever been to. The smaller size of attendees lends to a more intimate setting, where fans actually get the chance to “hang out” with the guests in attendance. Eyecon 2008 was Supernatural themed, and I got a chance to chat in length with Jim Beaver (Bobby) and Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle), and hung out with some of the others stars from the show. It was truly a great experience, and one that I’m hoping to repeat in March when Eyecon comes to Atlanta for its first ever Vampire Diaries convention. Any chance that I get to fully geek out and fangirl – especially in my own back yard – I’m all for it!!

CREATION Salute to Supernatural, Nashville: As much as the high prices of Creation Cons make me cringe, the fact that they are bringing a Supernatural convention down south – with BOTH Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles – is too much of a good thing for me to miss.

Dragon*Con: My home away from home for the past 3 years, Dragon*Con is my “must-attend” event every year. I have gotten to know so many cool people because of this convention, and it is always one of the best weekends of the year for me.

There’s certainly a lot more that I’m looking forward to in 2011, but I will post some of those later. My goal is to do a better job keeping up this blog this year, and I hope that you guys will continue to come along for the ride. 🙂

Anticipating the Return of “The Vampire Diaries”

With the premiere date for Season 2 steadily approaching, the CW has begun to roll out the promos and contests for The Vampire Diaries, which returns to Thursday nights (FINALLY!) beginning September 9.

I recently saw the promo spot for Season 2, and let me tell you: the writers ain’t playin’ this season!!! Katherine has come back in full force, and it seems that although Damon is still obsessed with her, she only wants one thing: Stefan. And it looks like she’ll do anything to have her way, and have some fun while she’s getting it.

Also of note: The Vampire Diaries Fansite is having a Twitter contest to win a prize pack, which will include the Season 1 DVD (to be released on August 31), Blu-ray t-shirt, hat and bookmark – courtesy of Warner Bros. Details for the contest can be found at this link.

Need a recap of what happened in Season 1, or need a reason to tune in (for those five of you who aren’t watching the show yet, tsk! tsk!)? Here’s a look at Season 1 in Mystic Falls.

The Vampire Diaries premiered on the CW network in the fall of 2009, based on the series of books by author L.J. Smith. It tells the tale of Elena, a typical teenager who is the object of affection for a set of feuding brothers, who both happen to be vampires. Stefan and Damon Salvatore have a complicated history and their habit of falling for the same women has major consequences Elena and the town of Mystic Falls. The talented cast is lead by Nina Dobrev (Degrassi, The Next Generation), Paul Wesley (American Dreams, Everwood), and Ian Somerhalder (LOST) and can be seen on the CW Network Thursday nights at 8pm beginning September 9.

For those of you who would like to get up close and personal with members of the cast, Paul Wesley (Stefan) and Robert Wade Pralgo (Mayor Richard Lockwood) will be appearing at Dragon*Con in Atlanta next weekend, September 3-6. As of this post, they are scheduled for the following appearances (schedules are tentative and can be changed at any time):

Vampire Diaries panels – Friday 9/3 @ 1pm, Saturday 9/4 @ 5:30pm, Sunday 9/5 @ 7pm

My Dragon*Con Countdown Has Officially Begun

In about a month’s time, I will be participating in my annual geekout weekend when Dragon*Con returns Labor Day weekend. For those of you who don’t know, Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film. Every Labor Day weekend, about 40,000 people crowd the streets and take over the hotels of downtown Atlanta to meet friends, celebrities, cosplay and totally geek out. I first attended in 2007 and it has now become a must-attend event for me.

This year will also include some firsts for me, as I have been asked to sit on two panels for the Young Adult (YA) Literature track. The first panel, “Minorities in YA Lit” will focus on the role that minorities play in Young Adult Literature, and what trends are popular in regard to race, gender, religion, etc. So far, I am the only panelist listed (no pressure, right?)

The second panel is the one I’m most excited about, “Freaks and Geeks in Harry Potter”, where we discuss the “oddballs” in the HP universe, such as Neville and Luna. My co-panelists include Racheline Maltese (author of The Book of Harry Potter Trifles, Trivias and Particularities), Todd McCaffrey (who co-writes the Dragonriders of Pern series with his mother, novelist Anne McCaffrey), Davey Beauchamp (Writers for Relief anthologies), and M.B. Weston (author of The Elysian Chronicles series).  How the hell I was able to get on such a distinguished panel confuses the hell out of me, and I will try not to feel intimidated. Try being the operative word.

But you guys want to know about the guests, don’t you? You can view the complete Dragon*Con guest list here, but this is the list of the people I’m excited to see and the movie/books/shows I loved them in (the ones in red are musts for autograph/photos).

  • Lee Arenberg (you know, the “Ello, Poppet!” pirate on Jack Sparrow’s crew in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy)
  • Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy)
  • Rene Auberjonois (Odo from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”)
  • Morena Baccarin (Anna on the ABC Series “V” and Adria/the Orici on” Stargate SG-1″)
  • Kristin Bauer (Pam from “True Blood”)
  • Robert Beltran (Chakotay on “Star Trek: Voyager”)
  • Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”)
  • Ben Browder (Col. Cameron Mitchell in “Stargate SG-1”)
  • Chris Bruno (Sheriff Bannerman on “The Dead Zone”)
  • LeVar Burton (READING RAINBOW!!! Oh yeah, and he played Geordi in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”)
  • Jim Butcher (author of The Dresden Files books)
  • Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”)
  • Daniel Cudmore (Felix in the Twilight movies, and Colossus in X2 and X-Men 3)
  • Lexa Doig (Rommie in the series “Andromeda”)
  • Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette in “True Blood”) THIS IS A MUST!!!!
  • Michelle Forbes (Maryann in “True Blood”)
  • Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte in “True Blood”)
  • Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”)
  • Joel Gretsch (Father Landry in “V”; Tom Baldwin in “The 4400)
  • Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing in “Dallas”)
  • David Hewlett (Rodney McKay in “Stargate SG-1”, “Stargate: Atlantis”)
  • Christopher Judge (Teal’c in “Stargate SG-1”)
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon (author of the Dark-Hunter series)
  • Martin Klebba (Marty from the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy)
  • Stan Lee (do you really need an explanation of who he is?)
  • Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett on “Stargate: Atlantis”)
  • Alex Meraz (Paul in the Twilight movies)
  • Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis in “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” and Jonas Quinn in “Stargate SG-1”)
  • Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson in “Stargate SG-1” and “Stargate: Atlantis”)
  • Mark Sheppard (demon Crowley in “Supernatural”)
  • Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”)
  • Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley in Twilight: New Moon and Twilight: Eclipse)
  • Brent Spiner (Data in “Star Trek: Te Next Generation”)
  • Laura Vandervoort (Kara/Supergirl in “Smallville” and Lisa in “V”)
  • Garrett Wang (Harry Kim on “Star Trek: Voyager”)
  • Paul Wesley (Stefan in “The Vampire Diaries”)

I believe that the guest list for Dragon*Con has been capped this year at 400, so I don’t think anyone else will be added to the list. It would be nice, however, if they could add some more stars from “The Vampire Diaries” (especially since they film the show here in Atlanta). Some Harry Potter stars would be nice as well, as they were the main reasons I’ve been there the past three years.

Catching Up With The Grown-Up Fangirl

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a proper Fangirl post here, and I apologize. Things have been so hectic for me in real life that I had been behind on a lot of stuff. With my Harry Potter assignments over at Hollywood News, along with the summer hiatus of several of the shows I fangirl over, I’ve been neglecting most of my fandoms that aren’t HP related. However, I am desperately trying to catch up with everything. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Harry Potter: Last weekend I attended Infinitus 2010 in Orlando, and got a chance to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have yet to sit down and gather my thoughts about the convention, but I did manage to do a write-up about the park, which can be found at my Hollywood News blog here. I will say that it was one of the best experiences I’ve had, as I’ve gotten to meet a lot of “online” friends and they’ve now become real life friends, which is great. I can always use more Harry Potter fanatics in my life. 🙂

True Blood: With the frenzy I’ve faced over the last two weeks preparing for Infinitus, I had completely missed the two most recent episodes of True Blood. I finally got a chance to watch them last night and WOW. I don’t even know where to start!!! I am loving the additions of Alcide and Jesus (OMG his scenes with Lafayette!!), and the casting for Debbie Pelt was perfect! Batshit crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it!! And I’m loving James Frain’s version of Franklin Mott; he’s creepy but so pathetic at the same time, while being scary. There’s just a lot going on in this show so far, and we’re only what, four episodes into this season? Speaking of which, a new trailer for the second half of season 3 premiered at Comic-Con and holy hell!! This season is about to get even more intense!!

The Tudors: After getting completely hooked onto this series this past February, I wasn’t ready for it to end. This was a series brilliantly done, and has some of the best casting I’ve seen. The series ended on a very classy note, although I was sad to see the death of one of my favorite characters, Charles Brandon. I would really like for Showtime to re-visit this series and cast, possibly showing the reign of Mary Tudor, especially with Sarah Bolger as Mary. Would be a very good show, indeed.

The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW for its second season on Thursday, September 9 at 8pm. Supernatural follows two weeks later when its new Friday night schedule premieres on September 24. Both of these dates seem so far away, but at least it’s not January, which is when Caprica is scheduled to return.

So for awhile, at least, I may have to find a few new shows to watch/catch up on, and believe me, there has been no shortage of suggestions. I’ll do my best to keep up this blog a bit better, but don’t forget, for all of my Harry Potter related news, check me out on Hollywood News.