‘Twilight’ Cleans Up at MTV Awards; New Trailer for ‘Breaking Dawn’ Revealed

It seems the Twi-Hard community showed up in force, as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse cleaned up at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, winning in five of the six categories it was nominated in. Best Kiss went to Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson, who apparently celebrated his win by planting one on co-star Taylor Lautner; the film also won in the Best Fight, Best Female and Male Performance, and Best Movie categories.

The show, which was broadcast live, also delivered the very first official trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. You can view the trailer below:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 will be in theaters November 18, 2011.

My Thoughts on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Spoilers!)

It is very rare for me to go to the movies twice in one month, let alone twice in one week. Yet that is exactly what I did this week, having gone to see the midnight release of Eclipse and then going to see The Last Airbender tonight (you can find my thoughts on that movie here).

Eclipse is probably the only movie in the Twilight series that I can say I loved, and will probably still love a year from now (unlike the other two, which I’ve grown more and more disenchanted with as time goes on). Everything was just better in this film, in my opinion. The acting was better (not a lot of ‘overacting’ in this one). Secondary characters were able to shine a little more in this movie. And there was more than one fight scene!

Basically I’m saying all of this to waste space, so that anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled can have time to look away before I go into specifics on what I did and didn’t like. 🙂


Flashback scenes: For me, the best part of the movie were the flashback scenes, especially Rosalie’s. In Eclipse, Rosalie went to being the vampire bitch with immortal PMS to being a sympathetic character, and an unlikely ally for Bella (in her desire for Bella to remain human). The movie delivered that scene perfectly, and Nikki Reed was finally allowed to shine. She said recently in an interview that they did film the part where Rosalie is flying up and down the hallway in her wedding gown, torturing Royce before she kills him, but that it was cut from the final product. I’d have loved to see that scene.

Jasper’s flashback scene was very short and to the point, but it was also done pretty well, and allowed Jasper and Bella to intereact more in the movie.

The story of the third wife was one I did not think they would put in the movie, so I was very glad to see it there. Any scenes where we get history on the secondary characters have always been my favorites in the books, because it’s refreshing to hear about someone other than Bella all of the time.

Love triangle: I think the love triangle was done pretty well; not too biased one way or the other. Taylor Lautner played Jacob with just the right amount of confidence and vulnerability, and Robert Pattinson didn’t overdo his character. In the book, Edward is a lot more comfortable around Bella, and for me, that really came across in this movie. All three actors seemed a lot more comfortable with each other.

The “birds and the bees talk” between Charlie and Bella: Probably one of the best and funniest scenes in the movie. Period.

The humor and playfulness between the Cullens: We got to see a little of the fun interactions of the Cullens in Twilight, but no real “family” interaction with them since the baseball scene. Here, we saw some playfulness with Alice and Jasper (not to mention a kiss, finally!). Emmett was his usually cocky and playful self, and it was very fun to see. The training scenes where the Cullens take turns sparring against each other was probably the most we’ve seen them together, as a family.

Abs, abs, and more abs: Let’s face it, aside from Kellan Lutz (who is – after all – a model for Calvin Klein underwear!) Taylor Lautner probably has the best body on the set. And Eclipse gave us plenty of opportunity to verify that fact. The rest of the wolf pack aren’t so bad, either, but since they only got minimal screen time, Taylor was the one who received the cheers and sighs from my fellow movie watchers.


Victoria: Nothing against Bryce Dallas Howard, but she is so not Victoria. Where Rachelle Lefevre played Victoria with a certain arrogance and confidence, Bryce’s Victoria seemed unsure, vulnerable and scared.

The over-hyped character of Bree Tanner: Yes, I read “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” and felt a connection to this character, which is what I’m sure Stephenie Meyer wanted. But seriously? All the press, interviews and references to this character during promotion for the movie, and she was on screen for maybe a total of five minutes. If that. She probably spoke three lines the entire movie. Why go through the trouble of making us care about this character beforehand, just to have us question it when she’s treated as an afterthought in the movie? Oh yeah, to make more money off of Twilight fans. “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” has sold over a million copies since it’s June 5, so I guess Stephenie Meyer and her team accomplished that much, at least.

These are all probably the most prevalent thoughts I have towards the movie at this time. Again, compared to Twilight and New Moon, this film was less “cheesy” and has better direction, and I can sit through the majority of this movie without feeling like I want to cringe (a reaction that I have now almost every time I watch Twilight). Seeing as how Breaking Dawn was my least favorite book, I hope that the director who helms that movie will do as good a job as David Slade did with this one.

Twilight Night Event (Follow-up)

Before I drown myself in Potter goodness for today, let me hurry up and get my thoughts down about the Twilight Night event I attended this past Saturday.

The event, which was one of several held across the country, was held in the courtyard of Midtown’s Atlantic Station community and attended by several hundred people. Summit gave fans a red carpet, where photos could be taken against one of three backdrops. The first 200 fans received a gift bag, which contained an Eclipse t-shirt, key chain, mini-poster and a New Moon ink pen.

Free t-shirt included in gift bags

There were free vendors everywhere: the popcorn stand where fans received an “I was there!” button commemorating the event; the Luna Twilight make-up booth where two technicians gave free Twilight makeovers; free snack vendors; and Atlanta radio station Q-100 conducted a live broadcast, complete with about 20 pairs of tickets given away to an advanced screening scheduled for tonight (which I unfortunately did not win). There was free face painting and temporary tattoos, and a game booth as well.

There were also vendors where – for a low cost – you could purchase candied apples, ice cream, Italian ice, funnel cakes and other goodies. The event was set up very much like a street fair, and even with the crowds, there wasn’t a feeling of being overwhelmed or crowded.

The event officially began with a live performance by local band Stellate, who played some of their original tunes, as well as “Decode”, Paramore’s track from the original Twilight movie. This band is awesome; you should go check out their music on their Myspace page.

There were some contests as well; five contestants had to make up Twilight-related poems and recite them on stage; the winner received a VIP package that included tickets to the advanced screening and some autographed items from our guest, Daniel Cudmore (who plays Volturi member Felix in the movie). There was supposed to be a costume contest, but if anyone there was better than these two girls, I didn’t see them!

Daniel then came onstage and participated in judging the trivia contest – where at one point he stated, “what am I even doing here? They know more than I know!” He also answered questions from Q-100’s Brandon, and was generally very fun to listen to; very humorous, very funny, and very humble. Did I forget to mention he’s very good-looking? My daughter had a great seat up front, so we have proof! Daniel was also very nice enough to sign a few books/magazines for my daughters, one of which included my current issue of Film Fantasy: Eclipse.

Daniel Cudmore during Q&A

After the Q&A, there was a screening on the green of  New Moon, which we did not stay for. By this time, we had been outside in Atlanta heat for almost five hours, and the children were demanding food. But we got freebies, photos and autographs, so it was a day well spent.

Daniel Cudmore is scheduled to return to Atlanta during Labor Day weekend, as a guest at Dragon*Con. For more information, visit the Dragon*Con website.

“Deathly Hallows” Images Online; Trailer Due Tomorrow

Ron and Hermione at Shell Cottage

Images have appeared online from the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is scheduled to be released online tomorrow. The trailer, which will also be shown during previews for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, was screened last week at Cinema Expo and a reviewer had this to say on Twitter:

New Harry Potter teaser will play with Twilight’s #Eclipse next week and includes footage of both part I & II. Best trailer of year so far! Based on the FANTASTIC teaser at CinemaExpo, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 2D looks amazing in itself– no need for 3D

I will be posting the trailer tomorrow at my HollywoodNews Harry Potter blog, but in the meantime, I’ll leave you with these photos…

Harry's confrontation with Voldemort

Hogwarts under attack

Twilight Night Event

This Grown-Up Fangirl is currently sitting in Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta, enjoying the atmostphere at Summit’s “Twilight Night” Event. The official activities just began, with free popcorn and snacks, free face-painting and temporary tattoos, free makeovers by the “Luna Twilight” make-up team, and gift bags to the first 200 fans. The gift bags included an Eclipse tee, keychain, mini-poster and a New Moon ink pen.

There’s a stage set up for a live band, and the inflatable projector just went up for the screening of New Moon. Atlanta’s Q-100 radio station is also broadcasting live from the event. They are also giving away 2 tickets to an advanced Monday night screening of Eclipse.

Photos are available at my Photobucket, which you can find at http://www.photobucket.com/hmrpotter

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” Twilight special on Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Twi-hards got a very special treat Wednesday night when ABC aired Jimmy Kimmel’s Twilight: Eclipse. Most of the major cast was there, including the Cullens (all except Kellan Lutz), the Wolf Pack, members of the Volturi and newborn vampires. The show had its moments of awkwardness – such as when Jimmy proclaimed to Bryce Dallas Howard that she was “the best Victoria ever”, and when Jimmy had unclothed Edward and Jacob dolls, but the chemistry between the cast was undeniable and it was very fun to watch them interact with each other. There was also an “exclusive” clip, which was the beginning of the battle scene that we’ve seen in the most recent trailer.

The sections that I absolutely hated about the show were the lack of intelligent questions asked by the audience (one girl asked whether or not Taylor’s abs were airbrushed on…seriously) and the Twilight parody done by the cast of Jersey Shore, whose popularity and significance in pop culture I’m still trying to understand and figure out.

If you missed it, video of the show can be viewed below in 12 parts, and also on Kimmel’s website.

Kristen, Robert and Taylor, Part 1

Kristen, Robert and Taylor, Part 2

Kristen, Robert and Taylor, Part 3

Kristen, Robert and Taylor, Part 4

Jersey Shore parody

Cullen Women Part 1

Cullen Women Part 2

Dakota, Peter, Bryce and Xavier, Part 1

Dakota, Peter, Bryce and Xavier, Part 2

Q&A with the cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Part 1

Q&A with the cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Part 2

Q&A with the cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Part 3

Cast announcements made for “Twilight Night” events

The cast appearances for Saturday night’s “Twilight Night” celebrations have been announced, and they are as follows:

Daniel Cudmore (Felix)
Atlantic Station
171 17th St NW
Atlanta, GA

Jodelle Ferland (Bree) and Tyson Houseman (Quil)
AT&T Plaza at the American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Ave
Dallas, TX

Booboo Stewart (Seth) and Tinsel Korey (Emily)
Sloan’s Lake Park
17th Ave and Sheridan
Denver, CO

Michael Welch (Mike)
Gusman Center Performing Arts
174 East Flagler Street
Miami, FL

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) and Bronson Pelletier (Jared)
The Piazza
North Second Street and Germantown Avenue, Below Girard
Philadelphia, PA

Justin Chon (Eric)
Desert Ridge Marketplace
21001 North Tatum Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ

Cameron Bright (Alec)
Colonel Summers City Park
Portland, OR

Charlie Bewley (Demetri) and Julia Jones (Leah)
Salt Lake City
Movie in the Park
Fairmont Park located
2361 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, UT

Jack Huston (Royce)
St. Louis
St. Louis Union Station
1820 Market Street
St. Louis, MO

Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) and Edi Gathegi (THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON’s Laurent)
San Diego
Park at the Park (Downtown)
10th & K
San Diego, CA

Nikki Reed (Rosalie) and Liz Reaser (Esme)
Fremont Outdoor Movies
3501 Phinney Ave N.
Seattle, WA

Alex Meraz (Paul)
Washington DC
National Harbor Plaza
163 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD

*Events and Appearances are subject to change

Complete details can be found at http://www.EclipsetheMovie.com