Catching Up With The Grown-Up Fangirl

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a proper Fangirl post here, and I apologize. Things have been so hectic for me in real life that I had been behind on a lot of stuff. With my Harry Potter assignments over at Hollywood News, along with the summer hiatus of several of the shows I fangirl over, I’ve been neglecting most of my fandoms that aren’t HP related. However, I am desperately trying to catch up with everything. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Harry Potter: Last weekend I attended Infinitus 2010 in Orlando, and got a chance to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have yet to sit down and gather my thoughts about the convention, but I did manage to do a write-up about the park, which can be found at my Hollywood News blog here. I will say that it was one of the best experiences I’ve had, as I’ve gotten to meet a lot of “online” friends and they’ve now become real life friends, which is great. I can always use more Harry Potter fanatics in my life. 🙂

True Blood: With the frenzy I’ve faced over the last two weeks preparing for Infinitus, I had completely missed the two most recent episodes of True Blood. I finally got a chance to watch them last night and WOW. I don’t even know where to start!!! I am loving the additions of Alcide and Jesus (OMG his scenes with Lafayette!!), and the casting for Debbie Pelt was perfect! Batshit crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it!! And I’m loving James Frain’s version of Franklin Mott; he’s creepy but so pathetic at the same time, while being scary. There’s just a lot going on in this show so far, and we’re only what, four episodes into this season? Speaking of which, a new trailer for the second half of season 3 premiered at Comic-Con and holy hell!! This season is about to get even more intense!!

The Tudors: After getting completely hooked onto this series this past February, I wasn’t ready for it to end. This was a series brilliantly done, and has some of the best casting I’ve seen. The series ended on a very classy note, although I was sad to see the death of one of my favorite characters, Charles Brandon. I would really like for Showtime to re-visit this series and cast, possibly showing the reign of Mary Tudor, especially with Sarah Bolger as Mary. Would be a very good show, indeed.

The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW for its second season on Thursday, September 9 at 8pm. Supernatural follows two weeks later when its new Friday night schedule premieres on September 24. Both of these dates seem so far away, but at least it’s not January, which is when Caprica is scheduled to return.

So for awhile, at least, I may have to find a few new shows to watch/catch up on, and believe me, there has been no shortage of suggestions. I’ll do my best to keep up this blog a bit better, but don’t forget, for all of my Harry Potter related news, check me out on Hollywood News.

Clip of Series Finale of Showtime’s “The Tudors”

In an episode that I’m sure will have fans old and new weeping by its end, Showtime gives us a glimpse into the series finale of its popular series, “The Tudors”. In this clip, King Henry VIII bids farewell to his daughters Lady Mary and Lady Elizabeth, and to his Queen, Katherine Parr.

I am sad that I got into this series so late, since it’s now coming to an end I feel as if I did not have enough time to enjoy the show and it’s wonderful cast. I’m hoping that someday soon Showtime will decide to bring the series back and show us the new monarchy; I’d love to see the full extent of Sarah Bolger’s Mary as Queen.

Showtime interviews Henry Cavill of The Tudors

Be still my beating heart! Showtime has released an interview with Henry Cavill, one of the stars of its popular series The Tudors. Cavill plays the character of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk; childhood friend, confidant, and widowed brother-in-law to King Henry VIII (portrayed by Jonathan Rhys-Meiers). He talks about what we can expect from his character in this, the4th and final season of the show.

The Tudors: Season 4, Episode 1

The fourth season of the Showtime series The Tudors doesn’t premiere until April 11, so imagine my surprise when I found this gem of a “clip” on Showtime’s YouTube Channel!! It’s the 1st episode of Season 4, and although edited (scenes of sex and nudity appear to have been cut or altered), it gives a great glimpse of what we can expect for the remainder of the show’s final season.

The Tudors airs Sunday nights at 9pm EST on Showtime.

Catching up…

With several of my favorite shows on hiatus (Supernatural, Vampire Diaries), I decided to catch up with a few television programs that I had yet to see (but have been meaning to), and also to finally sit down and watch a much-loved trilogy without being interrupted. Here’s a few thoughts on The Tudors, Caprica, and Lord of the Rings.

The Tudors – I am the first person to admit that my recollection of history that I learned in high school is shoddy at best, and the only thing I truly remembered about Henry VIII’s reign is the infamous death of Anne Boleyn. However, I actually love to watch movies and shows that are historical in nature, and to this day don’t remember why I never bothered to watch The Tudors before now. Anyway, I happened to catch a few promos that SHOWTIME aired in December about re-airing the series from it’s beginning, in anticipation for Season 4, which premieres in April. I decided at that point that I would finally sit down and watch this series to see what the fuss is about. Needless to say, I am hooked. While a few liberties have been taken with certain characters, the storyline as a whole seems to be very accurate, and the show has some tremendous talent gracing the screen. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is brilliant as a dominant (but at the same time, vulnerable) King Henry VIII, and has had some very strong leading ladies (Maria Doyle Kennedy and Natalie Dormer as Queen Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, respectively) so far. The rest of the cast is also superb, and this show has quickly drawn me in as a hardcore fan. I’ve just completed Season 2 (thanks to my friend Arelys, who has S1 and S2 on DVD) ahead of the SHOWTIME schedule, and am expecting Season 3’s DVDs in the mail via Netflix. This series has definitely earned its place on the Grown-Up Fangirl’s list of favorites.

Caprica – I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to begin watching Capica or not, as I abandoned BSG somewhere around the second season and never fully got back to it. I didn’t abandon BSG due to lack of interest, but moreso because my schedule interrupted my consistent viewing, and I am one of those types who does not like to view things out of order, or begin in the middle of a show/movie/storyline. So it just fell to the wayside and next thing I know, the series was ending. But upon hearing that Caprica was based some 58 years prior to the events in BSG, I figured I could begin watching it without feeling lost or missing something important from BSG. For me, the characters themselves make the show more interesting that the whole “beginning of Cylon” theme. Daniel Greystone seems to be the genius who balances work and family pretty well, if you can forget the fact that he didn’t know his daughter was part of a terroristic religious cult. Amanda Greystone seems to be highly intelligent until she makes one huge (and boy, do I mean huge!) mistake in the midst of dealing with shock and grief. Sister Clarice squicks me out…seriously. Her character is so unlike any character I’ve seen in a while, and it’s hard to figure out whether to like her or despise her. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

The Lord of the Rings – Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way, since I’m used to dealing with the incredulousness by now: yes, this is the year 2010, and I’m just now watching all three of the LOTR movies, seven years after the third was released. The how is easy: as I stated above, I hate watching things if I’m catching them in the middle, or if I’m constantly interrupted. With a husband, three kids, work and school, interruptions are a given. However, my friend Kat took pity on me and lent me her Special Edition Extended version DVDs, so after four days and about 12 hours, I am finally done. And it was very worth the numb butt that I ended up with. I really don’t know why I waited so long to see this, but I promise to make it a point not to miss out on something that big again. Which means that I need to hurry and make it to the theater before Avatar is gone…