Fandom Hybrid Podcast #8 – Cursed S1E1

Join the Fandom Hybrid crew as they discuss the new-ish Netflix series “Cursed”, which is one of the latest retellings of the King Arthur legend, with the main focus on the character of Nimue, a member of the Sky Fae race.

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #8 – Cursed S1E1

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Sci-Fi Party Line #346 – Locke and Key

On this episode of Sci-Fi Party Line, Cat and I discuss Netflix’s new series “Locke & Key”.

“Locke & Key” tells the story of a family who moves to a new town after a horrible tragedy befalls them. As they try to start over, ghosts of the past and dangerous “friends” in the present bring trouble, mystery, and closure. Sort of.