Sleepy Hollow renewed for fourth season

Credit: FOX

Well it was the news sleepyheads were waiting for: would we get a chance to find out what happens to Crane now that Abbie has died?

This afternoon FOX answered with a resounding “yes”. Sleepy Hollow, which saw some fan outrage at the end of the last season when Nicole Beharie – one of the two leads on the show – was written off the show, announced earlier today that there will be a fourth season. 

Last year the show began it’s third season with major cast changes, as the characters for Katie Winter and John Noble were killed in the season two finale and it was announced during the post-season hiatus that Orlando Jones was leaving the show. As I discussed in Episode #245 of SFPL (and also in this blog post), the beginning of the season felt a bit “off” for me; the chemistry between Crane and Abbie felt off-kilter, there seemed to be a distance between the characters (and/or the actors), which I couldn’t define at the time. Since I don’t read a lot of pre-season interviews in an effort to avoid potential spoilers, I did not find out until after the season finale that Beharie had (apparently) been speaking of leaving the show since before season 3 premiered. Whether this was true or not, I do not know but I felt weird about it. When I met both Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie at last year’s Dragon Con, she did seem a bit quiet and distracted (yet very pleasant), and I attributed it to the travel and the sheer wow-factor of the con. Now I’m wondering if it wasn’t something else relating to her (possibly) knowing she was leaving the show.

In any case, the season ended with not only the death of Abbie, but also of Joe Corbin (Zach Appelman), The Hidden One (Peter Mensah) and Pandora (Shannyn Sossamon), who were the main antagonists of the season. This means that aside from Crane, Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) is the only other character left from the premiere season. This means new characters, new adventures, and a new purpose for Crane. 

I’m not exactly sure how I am feeling about all of this. One of the main draws for me to this show from the very beginning was the undeniable chemistry between Mison and Beharie. You see partnerships on TV and in films and most of them are believable, but theirs was one of the few that I actually felt through my TV screen. Now with Beharie gone (and let me not forget to mention the fact that Captain Irving just “disappeared”, which I am still pissed about), I don’t know how I will feel in the fall when I turn on my TV and have to watch Crane mourn the loss of his partner and soul-mate. But I will watch, if for no other reason than to try to get my own closure on the death of one of the characters I’ve admired most in a long time.

Dragon Con adds guests from Dark Matter, DC TV universe and others

New Dragon Con logoLast month Dragon Con picked up the pace on guest announcements, including some from shows/movies that are either on my “currently watching” or “need to watch/catch up” lists.

From the SyFy show Dark Matter, guest announcements include Anthony Lemke, Jodelle Ferland, Roger Cross, and Zoie Palmer; who are known on the show as “Three”, “Five”, “Six”, and “The Android”, respectively. The show follows a group of amnesiacs who try to piece together who they are and why there were in stasis on an abandoned spaceship. The show is set to premiere its second season on July 1.


Credit: SyFy

From the DC TV universe, we have Carlos Valdes (Cisco, The Flash), Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow) and Ciara Renee (Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow).

Jack Gleeson, who is best known for portraying Joffrey Baratheon (the king we all loved to hate) on Game of Thrones, will be appearing at Dragon Con on Sunday only.


Credit: HBO

Karl Urban, known for a variety of shows and films in the fantasy genre, will return to Dragon Con. Urban was last here in 2014, and I have to say that his panel was one of the best ones I’ve attended in the 8 (eight!) years that I’ve been going to Dragon Con. Looking forward to seeing what he has to say now.


And last but certainly not least Jason Isaacs, most recently known for portraying Lucius Malfoy – another love-to-hate-him character in the Harry Potter world – has also been announced to appear at Dragon Con. I am hoping that he will not be the only wizard to appear this year.

Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter

Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter. Credit: Warner Brothers


Dragon Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film. Every Labor Day weekend, about 40,000 people crowd the streets and take over the hotels of downtown Atlanta to meet friends, celebrities, cosplay and totally geek out. This year’s event will take place September 2-5. Ticket information can be found on the official website.

You can read more about my experiences at Dragon Cons past at this link.

ScFi Party Line #245 Sleepy Hollow – Ode to Abbie

imageThis past weekend three of the members of SFPL got together to discuss the shocking, and unwelcome demise of one of our favorite characters from Sleepy Hollow, Lt. Abigail Mills. (And no, I’m STILL not okay with this.)

Cat, Darrell and I also pay some tribute to Joe Corbin, who we lost in the previous episode, and reflect on one of last season’s shocking departures in the form of Captain Frank Irving, played by Orlando Jones.

You can listen to the episode here; you can also read my views on the departure of Nicole Beharie/Abby Mills here.

Dragon Con guest announcements: The 100

PhotoGrid_1460587632867Dragon Con has been making quite a few guest announcements over the past couple of weeks, and most of them feature one or more cast members from various shows. Today’s announcements feature three members of the cast of The CW’s sci-fi/dystopian series The 100: Jarod Joseph, Sachin Sahel and Lindsey Morgan.

The 100 began as a show about survivors who lived on a space station after Earth’s atmosphere was destroyed by a series of nuclear bombs. Now that the space station survivors are back on Earth, there has been a major power-struggle between them and the various Grounder clans – the descendants of the people who were left behind on Earth, as well as within their own ranks.

Joseph plays Nathan Miller, one of the original 100 juveniles offenders sent back down to Earth in order to ascertain whether the Earth’s atmosphere was safe. Sachin Sahel plays Jackson, the medical assistant of the Skaikru nation, the name given to the survivors once they returned to live on Earth. Lindsey Morgan plays Raven Reyes, a super intelligent woman who is pretty much the technological brains of Skaikru. All three actors have been on the show since it’s first season, and all of their characters are dealing with some major issues on the show.

You can listen to myself, Cat and Eric talk about The 100 on episode #244 of the Sci-Fi Party Line Podcast.

Dragon Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film. Every Labor Day weekend, about 40,000 people crowd the streets and take over the hotels of downtown Atlanta to meet friends, celebrities, cosplay and totally geek out. This year’s event will take place September 2-5. Ticket information can be found on the official website.

You can read more about my experiences at Dragon Cons past at this link.

Back to the blog, and I’m in a MOOD because: Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow moves to Thursdays 9/8 EST this fall. Credit: FOX

Sleepy Hollow concluded Season 3 on Friday, April 9 with a HUGE shocker. Credit: FOX

I have been trying for weeks to find the “perfect” opening to come back to this blog. After being away for the better part of six months and with so much going on during that time with TV and movies, I was just waiting for the right thing to come along and motivate me to share my thoughts again. In the wake of several of my favorite characters on TV being killed off (or presumed dead), the final straw for me came in the form of the death of a major character on the FOX show Sleepy Hollow. And so I am here to rant. Or complain. Or both.

Spoilers ahead.

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Series Premiere: Fear the Walking Dead – My Thoughts

Fear the Walking Dead posterMy initial reactions to tonight’s series premiere of Fear the Walking Dead:

Frank Dillane (known to us Potterheads as Tom Riddle from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) did an excellent job playing Nick, one of the main characters who is a junkie who witnesses first-hand the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse. It’s hard to play a junkie who is both an asshole and vulnerable and sympathetic, and he does it extremely well.

The episode started off quickly, then kind of lagged a bit while it took time to introduce the characters and the relationships between them all, but it didn’t drag on to the point where I wanted to turn the TV off, as some first episodes do. Because I know that walkers are coming (eventually), I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation of seeing them in droves. But that would negate the need for a whole season’s worth of buildup, right?

Alycia Debnam-Carey is good at playing bitchy, moody characters that I actually like. (See: Lexa, The 100).

I’m not really feeling the Travis/Madeline relationship yet, but again, this is only the first episode.

It’s nice to look at walkers pre-deterioration. Still gross looking, though.

Am I being hyper-sensitive in thinking that Matt and Artie are both going to be dead before mid-season?

Madeline as a counselor sucks. “If there were something going on, they’d tell us.” Does she not watch any TV or disaster movies? When the zombie apocalypse pops off, they ain’t telling us naythin!!

Cal is an asshole and got what he deserved.

Overall: I’m hooked.




Cosplayers, Gamers and Pop Culture Fans Return for Annual Fantasy, Sci Fi & Gaming Convention

More than 400 Actors, Artists, Authors and Creators Will Give Talks and Meet Fans.

ATLANTA – August 18, 2015 – More than 65,000 people are expected to pack downtown Atlanta over the Labor Day weekend as Dragon Con, the internationally known pop culture, sci fi, fantasy and gaming convention, returns for its 29th consecutive year.

Dragon Con fans will travel from every state in the nation and a few foreign countries to participate in the four-day convention, where they can meet their favorite actors, artists, authors and creators, and talk about the stuff they love.

Guests More than 400 guests, from the worlds of movies, television, comics, literature and other universes, will lead panel discussions and meet with fans.  Battlestar Galactica’s Edward James Olmos, Star Wars’ Peter Mayhew, internet personality Felicia Day, as well as John Barrowman, David Ramsey, and Stephen Amell, all from CW’s Arrow, head an all-star guest list.

Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura, will serve as grand marshal of the Dragon Con Parade.

And, at this year’s Dragon Con, Sesame Street meets Peachtree.  Famed puppeteer Caroll Spinney, who recently retired after 45 years performing Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, as well as Muppet performer Steve Whitmire, who has performed Kermit the Frog since 1990, will appear at the convention.

“We’re very excited about this year’s guest list.  We have attracted guests from some of the best shows on television today, including Arrow, Game of Thrones, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Once Upon A Time,” convention co-chair Rachel Reeves said.   “We also have guests from fan favorite shows from recent years, such as Warehouse 13 and classic sci-fi shows such as Doctor Who.”

Cosplay Dragon Con is well known for the quality of its cosplay – or costume play – and that tradition will certainly continue.  The nation’s top cosplayers will show off their best work during the show, participating in costume contests every night of the convention and promenading throughout the five host hotels and the streets of downtown Atlanta.

Cosplay competitions remain a mainstay of Dragon Con, including the queen of competitions, Dragon Con Masquerade, which is both the oldest continuously run competition in fandom as well as one of the largest in the world.  Dragon Con is also thrilled to introduce the newest competition, The Chôsen, which will premiere at Dragon Con Night at the Aquarium.

Parade Atlanta’s largest parade, the annual Dragon Con Parade, will step off Saturday, September 5 at 10 a.m.   To better accommodate parade spectators, the parade will have a new route.  Beginning at the intersection of Peachtree Street and Linden Avenue, the parade will head south on Peachtree, east (left) on Andrew Young International Boulevard and north (left) on Peachtree Center Avenue. It will end on Peachtree Center Avenue between John Portman Boulevard and Baker Street, in front of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.

The new route is now a little longer – .9 miles, from .8 miles last year, and brings the route closer to the North Avenue MARTA station, in addition to the Civic Center and Peachtree Center stations.  Parking downtown is expected to be tight, and Dragon Con encourages parade spectators to consider taking MARTA.

Gaming Perhaps better known for the celebrity guests and cosplayers, Dragon Con is also one of the largest gaming conventions in the nation.  Taking up most of the Hilton Atlanta Downtown and parts of the Sheraton Atlanta, gaming at Dragon Con features voice actors, game designers and other guests from the worlds of table top and video gaming, as well as the opportunity to play tabletop and LAN gaming in casual and tournament formats.

Official Charity Earlier this year, Dragon Con selected the Lymphoma Research Foundation – Georgia Market as its official charity for 2015.  Through auctions and other charity events, plus a dollar-for-dollar match up to $50,000 from Dragon Con, the convention will raise money to support this important community organization.

In 2014, the convention raised over $115,000 for its official charity, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, and collected 535 pounds of food.  Through the Superheroes community service program, Dragon Con fans contributed more than 900 hours of community service.

Dragon Con also conducts the largest convention-based blood drive in the nation.  Last year’s annual Robert A. Heinlein “Pay It Forward” blood drive attracted a record turnout, with 2,972 attendees donating more than 6,000 units of blood and blood products, benefiting LifeSouth, which serves more than 40 hospital in the Atlanta area and 110 hospitals in the Southeast.

About Dragon Con

Dragon Con is the internationally known pop culture convention held each Labor Day in Atlanta. Organized for fans, Dragon Con features more than about 3,000 hours of comics, film, television, costuming, art, music and gaming over four days. For more information, please visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

You can follow my Dragon Con experiences here and at the Sci-Fi Party Line Dragon Con page, and read more about my experiences at Dragon Cons past at this link.