Sci-Fi Party Line #221: Salem – Not Quite the Finale

Cast of SalemIn this episode, Cat and I recap and discuss the events leading up to episode 10: Til Death Do Us Part. We swoon over John Alden’s reaction at being a father, rage about the unfair treatment of Cotton Mather, and also discuss our theories and predictions for the season finale, and what role each of the witches would play in the Witch War.



Sci-Fi Party Line #218: Salem

Salem Season 2 promo. Credit: WGN

Salem Season 2 promo. Credit: WGN

In the latest episode of the Sci-Fi Party Line podcast, Cat and I tackle the tv show “Salem” for the first time. We give a brief recap of last season (what we could remember after such a long hiatus) and talk about our thoughts on the season 2 premiere, “Cry Havoc”. Take a listen: