Sleepy Hollow feeling more “hollow” with departure of additional cast

sleepy hollow

FOX’s “Sleepy Hollow” will return this fall without a majority of the cast from last season.

And…the Sleepy Hollow news continues to get worse – for me, at least.

There are several reports floating around today┬áthat some major changes are coming to Sleepy Hollow for Season 4: a majority of the season 3 cast will not be returning, and Sleepy Hollow won’t actually take place in Sleepy Hollow. Say what?

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Back to the blog, and I’m in a MOOD because: Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow moves to Thursdays 9/8 EST this fall. Credit: FOX

Sleepy Hollow concluded Season 3 on Friday, April 9 with a HUGE shocker. Credit: FOX

I have been trying for weeks to find the “perfect” opening to come back to this blog. After being away for the better part of six months and with so much going on during that time with TV and movies, I was just waiting for the right thing to come along and motivate me to share my thoughts again. In the wake of several of my favorite characters on TV being killed off (or presumed dead), the final straw for me came in the form of the death of a major character on the FOX show Sleepy Hollow. And so I am here to rant. Or complain. Or both.

Spoilers ahead.

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