Sci-Fi Party Line #346 – Locke and Key

On this episode of Sci-Fi Party Line, Cat and I discuss Netflix’s new series “Locke & Key”.

“Locke & Key” tells the story of a family who moves to a new town after a horrible tragedy befalls them. As they try to start over, ghosts of the past and dangerous “friends” in the present bring trouble, mystery, and closure. Sort of.

Sci-Fi Party Line #297 – Cloverfield Paradox

cloverfield.0The SFPL crew found a way to push our busy schedules to the side and all come together so that we could discuss the unexpected WTH-ness of the latest entry into the Cloverfield universe. To say that there were some…strong feelings might be a bit of an overstatement :).

You can listen to the podcast here: