Fandom Hybrid Podcast #81 – Invincible S1E3

On this episode of the Fandom Hybrid Podcast, we discuss the third episode of the Amazon Prime series, Invincible. As the world says goodbye to the Guardians of the Globe, several people within Nolan’s circle begin to have doubts about what really happened at Guardians HQ. In the wake of the funerals, Cecil hires Robot to form a new Guardians team, and the results are less than exemplary. Atom Eve deals with a double betrayal, and teams up with Invincible to face a new foe. Mark’s social life seems to be taking a positive turn. The Mauler Twins receive assistance in breaking out of prison. Debbie receives a surprise visit from someone that gives her more reasons to have doubts about her husband.

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #81 – Invincible S1E3

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