Fandom Hybrid Podcast #31 – A Discovery of Witches S1E4

We are at the halfway mark for Season 1 of A Discovery of Witches, and things are happening fast. Matthew and Diana arrive at Sept-Tours, to a less-than-welcome reception. Diana finds out the disturbing truth behind her parents’ deaths. The Congregation is thrown into chaos as Knox’s accusations against Matthew causes conflict for its leader. Sophie’s visions become more clear to Agatha, as she figures out to whom the statue must go to. Knox’s secrets are revealed by unlikely sources, resulting in a different reaction than he’d hoped for. The Congregation delivers a message to Diana, and Matthew sends a response of his own back. As Matthew and Diana’s new bond is put to the test, Diana’s magic begins to reveal itself more and more.

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #31 – A Discovery of Witches S1E4

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