My thoughts during the season 6 finale for “Game of Thrones”

12998274_10154088197344524_2803185125589195978_oThis is what my Twitter feed would have looked like, had I actually been able to live tweet tonight (which I can’t, because I learned last week that my ability to multi-task in non-existent when Game of Thrones is on).

  • I am actually terrified of what is going to happen in this episode. Who is going to die?
  • I love how they start off the “previously on”…there’s no better sight than seeing the Stark banners go up again in Winterfell
  • So I guess we’ll see Dorne in this episode…at this point, do we really care about Dorne anymore?

Spoilers below.

In King’s Landing:

  • This music is beautiful. I guess someone is going to die this early in the episode?
  • Pycelle is so creepy. I have never liked him.
  • Poor Loras. At least his haircut is better than Cersei’s was.
  • I think that’s the strongest I’ve ever heard Loras speak.
  • Damn, Loras put it all out there. Wow, he just gave up everything.
  • Ouch. OUCH.
  • Tommen is funny, trying to walk past The Mountain like that was actually going to work.
  • Margaery ain’t stupid.
  • Does he not remember what happened the last time he sent them to go after Cersei?
  • Oh, Pycelle, this can’t be good for you.
  • And apparently, Lancel doesn’t know what happened the last time a pursuer followed someone down the rabbit hole (goodbye, Waif).
  • I always felt like Pycelle’s arrogance would be his downfall. I never figured it would come at the hands of children. This song is making the scene even more creepy.
  • Lancel really is stupid.
  • Again, Margaery ain’t stupid. Get the hell out of there people!!!
  • Cersei is looking at the sept. Something big is about to go down.
  • Oh shit, is that WILDFYRE??????
  • Oh, I guess the High Sparrow is guilty of the sin of arrogance and stupidity.
  • Yep, that’s WILDFYRE. And a fucking candle.
  • GET OUT!!!!
  • Oh yeah, they’re all about to die.
  • RIP Lancel, Lord Tyrell, Queen Margaery, Loras, Kevan Lannister, HIgh Sparrow, every damn body.
  • Except for Cersei and King Tommen. And apparently Septa Unella.
  • Yep, your mama did that boy. Because you said she couldn’t have her trial by combat.
  • I must admit, as much as I dislike Cersei, I enjoyed this scene with Septa Unella.
  • Lena Headey should win a fucking Emmy for this scene.
  • No, put that mask back on Ser Gregor.
  • Shame! Shame! Shame!
  • Tommen is about to pitch himself from that window.
  • Yep. Only thing he ever did without hesitation.
  • Damn, that opening took almost half an hour!

And in the rest of the damn world:

  • Ugh. Walder Frey. Die already.
  • Jamie looks bored.
  • The digs people keep making to Jamie about his love for his sister are hilarious.
  • Jamie is saying what everyone is thinking about Walder Frey.
  • Filch looks confused, much as he did at Hogwarts
  • Guess Cersei didn’t think this far ahead
  • What Cersei is really saying is “burn them all”
  • Baby Sam has got to be the cutest thing in all of Westeros
  • Oh look! White Ravens
  • Sam is so cheerful, and this guy is so not amused. And he’s petty.
  • Damn, I thought word traveled fast. Apparently The Citadel isn’t on the monthly (or annual) mailing list.
  • This is about to be a Beauty and the Beast moment
  • Nope. This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better. As a bookworm, I think I just wet my pants.
  • Holy shit. That place is beautiful. Go ahead and cry Sam, I would too.
  • Melisandre seems to be getting some of her confidence back.
  • And…now it’s gone. Funny how a burnt toy can do that to a person.
  • My heart is bleeding for Ser Davos. He loved that child. I really want him to smack her.
  • The look on Jon’s face when she said “we burned her at the stake”.
  • “I loved that girl like she was my own.”
  • Melisandre, you’re fired!
  • She looks really shocked that Jon sent her away. She obviously hasn’t been paying attention.
  • Bye Felicia!
  • “I’m not a Stark.” “You are to me.” Oh the feels!!!!
  • Oh, NOW you want to apologize Sansa?
  • This comedic moment between siblings was cute.
  • Dorne. Meh.
  • But Lady Oleanna still gives me life.
  • VARYS!!! Fire and blood. It’s about to be on and popping.
  • Oops, looks like breakup time for Khaleesi and Daario.
  • Aw, she’s breaking his heart. Him love her. But it doesn’t look like she loves him.
  • At least she admits she is afraid.
  • Is anybody else shipping Danaerys and Tyrion?
  • I am SO Team Dany/Tyrion.
  • Hand of the Queen. Wow.
  • Don’t cry, Tyrion.
  • Why are we seeing Lord Frey again?????
  • Ew, ew, ew…are they in the pie???? They’re in the damn pie!!!!! He’s eating his sons!!!
  • Damn, this chick is a beast! Nope, she’s Arya!!!!
  • Kill him!!! Hill him dead!!!!! Yaaaasssss!!!!
  • The fact that she and Sansa had the same little smirks…
  • Can Littlefinger please go somewhere else? With his old pedophile self…
  • First he was in love with her mother, married (and killed) her aunt, and now he wants to marry Sansa. Isn’t she still like, 17??? Gross.
  • Sansa 1, Littlefinger, 0
  • Can Sansa kill him too?
  • BENJEN!!! Don’t go!!!
  • Bran got a nice haircut.
  • Yes Bran, touch the tree!!!
  • Yes!!!!! Are we finally going to get some confirmation?????
  • Lyanna!!! Damn, they didn’t have help?
  • “If Robert finds out, he’ll kill him. You know he will. Promise me, Ned.”
  • Baby Jon Snow!!!!!
  • R+L=J
  • These cowards…
  • THIS 10-YEAR OLD IS GIVING ME MY LIFE!!!!!!! #TeamLyannaMormont
  • Oh, NOW y’all wanna jump on the bandwagon?!
  • King in the North!!!!!
  • Jon looks so surprised. Sansa looks pleased. Until she looks at Littlefinger. Ugh.
  • Jamie looks scared, as well he should be.
  • Oh shit, is Cersei about to be crowned?
  • As much as I don’t like her, this is a true #girlpower moment
  • What a way to find out your last child has died. Sorry, Jaime.
  • So I guess Daenarys isn’t the first Queen of Westeros.
  • SHIPS!!!! Ships with the Greyjoy sigil. And the Tyrell sigil. And the Targaryn sigil. And dragons! And Dothraki sailing ships!!! Ships as far as the eye can see!!! Dany is about to bring the heat – literally – to Westeros.
  • Dany, Tyrion, Missandei, and Varys. #squadgoals
  • Damn, is it over? 😦 😦 I literally have NOT ONE complaint about this episode.

So at this point, all of the women have basically come into power or reclaimed some semblance of control in their lives. Game of Thrones pulled no punches this season. This episode was one of the best in the show’s history, in my opinion. Can’t wait to see what the next two, final seasons will bring.

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