Series Premiere: Fear the Walking Dead – My Thoughts

Fear the Walking Dead posterMy initial reactions to tonight’s series premiere of Fear the Walking Dead:

Frank Dillane (known to us Potterheads as Tom Riddle from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) did an excellent job playing Nick, one of the main characters who is a junkie who witnesses first-hand the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse. It’s hard to play a junkie who is both an asshole and vulnerable and sympathetic, and he does it extremely well.

The episode started off quickly, then kind of lagged a bit while it took time to introduce the characters and the relationships between them all, but it didn’t drag on to the point where I wanted to turn the TV off, as some first episodes do. Because I know that walkers are coming (eventually), I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation of seeing them in droves. But that would negate the need for a whole season’s worth of buildup, right?

Alycia Debnam-Carey is good at playing bitchy, moody characters that I actually like. (See: Lexa, The 100).

I’m not really feeling the Travis/Madeline relationship yet, but again, this is only the first episode.

It’s nice to look at walkers pre-deterioration. Still gross looking, though.

Am I being hyper-sensitive in thinking that Matt and Artie are both going to be dead before mid-season?

Madeline as a counselor sucks. “If there were something going on, they’d tell us.” Does she not watch any TV or disaster movies? When the zombie apocalypse pops off, they ain’t telling us naythin!!

Cal is an asshole and got what he deserved.

Overall: I’m hooked.


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