One-on-One with “Being Human” star Sam Huntington at Dragon*Con 2011

On the SyFy Channel series “Being Human” he plays Josh, the overly-cautious, somewhat insecure werewolf trying desperately to hide in life’)s background in order to avoid revealing his secret. In real life his portrayer, actor Sam Huntington, couldn’t be more the opposite.

In person, Huntington is funny, friendly, and generally seems to have a good time – all of the time.

Whether he is by himself or wreaking havoc during a Q&A session with his two co-stars, Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath, Huntington makes it very clear that he loves his job, and his co-stars.

Huntington took a few minutes in-between greeting fans at this past weekend’s Dragon*Con convention in Atlanta to speak with me about his love for the show, his character and co-stars.

“Being Human” tells the story of three unlikely roommates: Josh, a hospital orderly who is also a werewolf; Aidan (Witwer), a fellow hospital employee who becomes Josh’s closest friend on account of his own secret (vampire); and Sally (Rath), a displaced ghost who finds herself an unwanted – but then welcome – roommate to the guys when they move into the brownstone in which she died. What follows is an unlikely friendship between the three which turns out to be what is probably the most normal thing in their lives.

Hanako Ricks, Hi this is Hanako Ricks with,and I am here at Dragon*Con 2011 with Sam Huntington from the SyFy Channel’s “Being Human”.Hi Sam, how are you?

Sam Huntington: Hi, hi.

HR: You totally photobombed that picture of me and Witwer.

SH: Yeah.

HR: But it was great.

SH: Yeah, that was the idea, yeah. But see he did it to me like, 100 times today.

HR: So I heard.

SH: So he can take one. And I apologize, because he was with you. But I’m in there now.

HR: No, it’s fine. It was a great picture, it was a great picture.

SH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, totally.

HR: So, Dragon*Con.

SH: Yeah.

HR: Your panels.

SH: Yeah.

HR: Hilarious.

SH: Thank you.

HR: Is the chemistry between you and Meaghan and Sam like that all the time?

SH: Yeah.

HR: Really?

SH: Literally.

HR: So you guys weren’t faking it?

SH: No, no, no.

HR: Oh that’s great! 

SH: That’s why we get off on those tangents. We can do that all day long.

HR: But it’s great because it shows that you guys really enjoy being here and interacting with the fans.

SH: Yeah, yeah it’s nice. I feel like – I mean, we love each other so much and I want people to see that and know that. 

HR: Oh that’s great. Okay, so, Being Human…

SH: Yeah.

HR: You play Josh the werewolf.

SH: I do

HR: How did you find out about this role and what drew you to Josh?

SH: It was a very traditional audition process in L.A. Um, I had to audition for it a bunch of times, it’s just I think they were uncertain what they wanted for the role, so um, I really lucked out – I was the right guy for the job. So,um, and here we are and I’m still feeling so lucky.

HR: Okay, and Josh’s storyline kind of went on some highs and lows last season…

SH: Yeah, yeah

HR: Endng with the big cliffhanger of Nora being pregnant…

SH: What’s happening with Nora, yeah yeah yeah

HR: …and so, are we gonna see more of that in season 2? Are we gonna find out more about what’s going on? Is their relationship gonna develop?

SH: Oh yeah, that’s a lot of what Josh’s plot is in season 2.

HR: And you mentioned there’s gonna be more werewolves this season.

SH: Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Different…types of werewolves.

HR: So it’s not just your basic, everyday thing?

SH: Well they…I can’t really elaborate, but it’s really amazing, yeah. You will like it, I promise.

HR: Okay, and you said the DVD is coming out in November?

SH: November.

HR: Tell us what we can expect on the DVD.

SH: I actually don’t really know. I’m hoping to get like, an advanced copy of it so we can tell you guys what’s gonna be on it. But I think there will probably be some deleted scenes, there’s definitely a lot of behind the scenes footage – lots! I think like an hour plus of behind the scenes stuff and interviews that we did throughout the season. I’m hoping there’s gonna be a killer gag reel on it, that’s always my favorite part of a DVD.

HR: There should be. If there’s not, that would be a crime. 

SH: I agree.

HR: After what I’ve seen this weekend, that would be a crime.

SH: It’s a little crazy. Um, um you’ll see that those antics are just what we do, and uh, and yeah sooo, yeah. I think it’s – beyond that it’s just the show.

HR: Okay, well the show is great. I love it, and our fans – the fans love it.

SH: Thank you, thank you.

HR: And we’re looking forward to seeing more of you in season two.

SH: We’re looking forward to seeing more of you.

HR: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.

SH: Thank you, come here. Oh my gosh, Examiner.

HR: Thank you.

SH: Thank you so much.

“Being Human” airs on the SyFy Channel on Monday nights at 9pm. The second season will begin in January 2012.


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