One-on-One Interview with “Being Human” star Meaghan Rath


Photo of me with Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington from the SyFy series “Being Human”

Dragon*Con, the annual multi-genre fan convention that takes place every Labor Day weekend, has come and gone until next year.

As part of my assignment with, I had a chance to briefly speak one-on-one with Meaghan Rath, one of the stars for the hit SyFy Channel series, “Being Human“. The show, which is an American adaptation of the U.K. series by the same name, is about three supernatural beings – a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost – who have all become roommates sharing a Boston brownstone. Rath plays the recently departed Sally, a ghost who begins the season trapped in the home with no idea of how she became a ghost in the first place. Over the season, it is revealed that she is actually a murder victim, having been pushed down the stairs (by accident) during an argument with her irrationally jealous fiance, Danny. Along the way to discovering the truth, Sally begins to learn how to exist in the human world as best she can, with the help of roommates Aidan (the vampire) and Josh (the werewolf). At the end of the season, Sally makes a choice between her destiny and her friends, that will have emotional consequences for her to deal with in season two, which premieres January 2012.

Hanako Ricks, Hi, this is Hanako Ricks with and I am speaking live from Dragon*Con 2011 with Meaghan Rath, one of the stars of “Being Human”. Hi Meaghan.

Meaghan Rath: Hi!

HR: Thank you for speaking with us today.

MR: Of course! I’m happy to.

HR: Is this your first Dragon*Con?

MR: It is.

HR: It is, and how are you feeling about it. 

MR: Uh, clearly I’m feeling pretty great about it. (laughs)

HR: Oh yes, you got your wings today.

MR: I’m in the spirit. Uh yeah, it’s been amazing. It’s so nice to talk to the all the fans and have fun. We’re having a good time.

HR: Yeah, you guys look like you’re having fun. So, Being Human is a television show about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost who are all roommates. How did you hear about the project and how did you get involved?

MR:Uh, I got the material from my agents and I – I never, I wasn’t aware of the U.K. series at all, and so I went home and I read the first few scripts, which is what they gave us and instantly fell in love with it. Fell in love with the character and uh, just knew that I had to be a part of it, and I worked my ass off to get it. Yeah.

HR: Without being too spoilery, because I know you guys have talked about a lot of changes coming in the second season, can you tell us a little about what to expect from your character for the next season?

MR: Um, I would say that it’s a lot darker, if you can imagine that. And um, I think we’re gonna see a lot of Sally exploring the afterlife, and the consequences of missing her door and what that means. 

HR: And is Danny like – will we see him at all in the second season?

MR: I don’t know, I cannot confirm or deny.

HR: Okay. Well I thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy time to speak with us, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the Con.

MR: No problem. Thank you, you too.

HR: Thank you.
If you haven’t had a chance to check out the show yet, you can watch full episodes via the official website, or you can wait until November when the DVD is scheduled to be released.
“Being Human” airs at 9pm on Monday nights on the SyFy Channel.

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