“Harry Potter” Fan Artists Needed for New Mugglenet Project

Image Credit: Mary Grandpre, Scholastic

Are you an artist who loves the world of Harry Potter? Want to see your art featured in (what I know will be) a best-selling book, with proceeds going to help the HP Alliance?

Well, Harry Potter fansite Mugglenet is looking for a few good artists for their latest project: a book of fan art based on the work of J.K. Rowling’s best-selling series. The project (which is being spearheaded by News Editor Keith Hawk – who also happens to be one of my best friends) will be taking submissions until April 17th.

This is the full announcement as it was posted on Mugglenet’s Fan Art page:  **Attention! MuggleNet.com has received permission from WB and JKR representatives and is underway creating a new MuggleNet Harry Potter Fan Art Collection Book to be published sometime in the near future! All proceeds from this book will be given to the Harry Potter Alliance. If you are interested in having your artwork included in this special collection, please contact: keith@staff.mugglenet.com for the details. All art and required forms are to be submitted by midnight Sunday April 17th, 2011.**

This is a great opportunity to share great fanart with people outside of the Harry Potter fandom, as well as helping a great cause! So send those submissions to Keith before April 17th, and let’s spread the Potter love!!


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