Dragon*Con, Day 1 (Official)

Yes, yes, yes! Dragon*Con officially began yesterday, and I was so exhausted last night that I did not get a chance to write about it! But here I am, taking a break from the massive crowds I just experience in the vendor area, so I can gather my thoughts and blog about what a great day I had on yesterday.

My Dragon*Con began yesterday morning with the True Blood panel. Kristin Bauer, Nelsan Ellis, and Sam Trammell all took the stage (to thunderous applause) for a Q&A session with the fans. The room was completely filled, and the panel was well-paced. Kristin and Sam seemed to be the more boisterous of the three, making lots of jokes and very talkative. Nelsan, however, is a very shy guy – quiet and laid back, but also very funny once he gets going. All three actors had a lot of great things to say about their co-stars and their experiences working on the show.

Panel number two for the day was for the Weasley twins!!! James & Oliver Phelps returned to Dragon*Con after a three year absence, and it was great o see them again. They looked great, and at times seemed a little overwhelmed with the size of the crowd. I had fun at the panel, although I heard a few people complain that they didn’t enjoy it. For me, the only problem that made the panel “good” instead of “great” was some of the questions that were asked. I consider myself a HUGE HP fan, so there are things that I feel like I’m supposed to know. So questions like “have you ever met J.K. Rowling?”, “have you been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter yet” and “which twin plays Fred and which plays George?” – when those questions have been asked and answered over and over and over again in the past – seem a little redundant to me and takes away from other, quality questions that could have been asked. But that’s just my opinion.

The third panel I attended on Friday was the “Vampire Diaries” panel. I will be honest: with the guest cancellation of Paul Wesley, I did not expect to enjoy this panel as much as I did. I mean, VD is at the height of it’s popularity, and the only person for the panel was an actor whose character (supposedly) got killed in the season finale? How interesting would that be? Let me say it now: that Vampire Diaries panel with Robert Wade Pralgo (Mayor Lockwood) was one of the best panels I’ve been to. This man knows his craft, and loves it. His panel was interesting from start to finish, and you could tell from his demeanor that he was really glad to be there, and was having a great time.

After those panels, my friends and I hung out on the ballroom level of the Marriott Marquis (one of the host hotels) and just people-watched and took photos – which is one of my favorite ways to pass the time at Dragon*Con. This year, the costumes really impressed me, because there were some really original ideas walking around the convention. Also, there seemed to be a lot more children there than I can remember in past years, and their costumes always inspired a chorus of “Aw!!” wherever they went. The really cute ones were the kids who really got into their character! These kids are being raised right!

I am still in the process of getting my photos posted on Photobucket, and my videos on YouTube, but there are a couple more Dragon*Con posts that I need to write, so maybe I’ll stick a few in my other Dragon*Con posts šŸ™‚

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