Daniel Radcliffe Appears at Movie Con III in London (SPOILERS)

Daniel Radcliffe made a surprise guest appearance at this past weekend’s Movie Con III in London, and Empire Online has posted a few short videos from the event.

In the first video, Daniel talks about how emotional he was at the end of filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and briefly mentions how excited he is to work on his new project, “The Woman in Black”.

In the second video, he compares the difference between both of the films; he says that part 1 is more like a “road movie”, and is the one where the friendships between the characters are “tested like they’ve never been tested before”, and how the absence of Hogwarts gives the film a different feel. He also talks about how awkward it is to watch himself in the earlier films.

The third clip finds Daniel talking about how much he admires the work of David Yates and why he feels it was important for David to direct Deathly Hallows; and which characters he would like to play if he were asked to come back and do a re-make in the future (he says if it’s 30 years down the line, Sirius; if it’s 50 years, Dumbledore). He mentions that working with Gary Oldman was like working with the “man of his dreams” (he has frequently mentioned Oldman as a role model/mentor) and how he could never play Snape because Alan Rickman is too “indelibly imprinted in his mind” to ever try to play the part. He then introduces the same clip that was played recently at San Diego Comic-Con (but which WB has not released publicly).


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