New Episode of Comic Book Roadshow Podcast with Special Guest: Me! :)

What do you get when you put together a Grown-Up Fangirl with a Sci-Fi Party Liner and a Comic Book Road Show?

The hilarity that ensues in the 99th episode of the Comic Book Roadshow podcast.

I got invited to the podcast by Darrell Taylor of the Comic Book Roadshow/No Apologies website, and we were joined by Cat from Sci-Fi Party Line. This was my first appearance on CBRS, and the topic was supposed to be True Blood – which we did talk about – but of course, when you get three geeks together, a lot can happen.

In addition to True Blood, we also talked about Harry Potter (of course we did!), Twilight, Supernatural, Eureka, Caprica, Warehouse 13, and who knows what else in between. All in all, it was a very fun show to record, and I hope I get invited back again.

Take a listen!

CBRS Episode 99


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