Supernatural Season 6 News from Comic-Con

The spoilers were running rampant on Twitter yesterday, due to the apparently open nature of the Supernatural panel at this past weekend’s Comic-Con. I actually had to stop following Winchester Family Business yesterday for a few hours, just to escape the large amount of spoilers (that Alice so thankfully warned her followers about! Love you for that, Alice!!).

But just because I’m a spoilerphobe doesn’t mean that everyone is, and with that in mind, I am including links to Alice’s interviews from Comic-Con, where she got to participate in roundtable discussions with the show’s cast. It is killing me to not read these, but I will be a good fangirl and wait patiently until Supernatural returns to the tube on September 24.

Quick Update fro Supernatural Press Room – SPOILER ALERT!!

Jared Padalecki Interview

Jensen Ackles Interview

Ben Edlund Interview

Eric Kripke Interview

Jim Beaver Interview

You can find The Winchester Family Business on the web, and on Twitter.

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