Twilight Night Event (Follow-up)

Before I drown myself in Potter goodness for today, let me hurry up and get my thoughts down about the Twilight Night event I attended this past Saturday.

The event, which was one of several held across the country, was held in the courtyard of Midtown’s Atlantic Station community and attended by several hundred people. Summit gave fans a red carpet, where photos could be taken against one of three backdrops. The first 200 fans received a gift bag, which contained an Eclipse t-shirt, key chain, mini-poster and a New Moon ink pen.

Free t-shirt included in gift bags

There were free vendors everywhere: the popcorn stand where fans received an “I was there!” button commemorating the event; the Luna Twilight make-up booth where two technicians gave free Twilight makeovers; free snack vendors; and Atlanta radio station Q-100 conducted a live broadcast, complete with about 20 pairs of tickets given away to an advanced screening scheduled for tonight (which I unfortunately did not win). There was free face painting and temporary tattoos, and a game booth as well.

There were also vendors where – for a low cost – you could purchase candied apples, ice cream, Italian ice, funnel cakes and other goodies. The event was set up very much like a street fair, and even with the crowds, there wasn’t a feeling of being overwhelmed or crowded.

The event officially began with a live performance by local band Stellate, who played some of their original tunes, as well as “Decode”, Paramore’s track from the original Twilight movie. This band is awesome; you should go check out their music on their Myspace page.

There were some contests as well; five contestants had to make up Twilight-related poems and recite them on stage; the winner received a VIP package that included tickets to the advanced screening and some autographed items from our guest, Daniel Cudmore (who plays Volturi member Felix in the movie). There was supposed to be a costume contest, but if anyone there was better than these two girls, I didn’t see them!

Daniel then came onstage and participated in judging the trivia contest – where at one point he stated, “what am I even doing here? They know more than I know!” He also answered questions from Q-100’s Brandon, and was generally very fun to listen to; very humorous, very funny, and very humble. Did I forget to mention he’s very good-looking? My daughter had a great seat up front, so we have proof! Daniel was also very nice enough to sign a few books/magazines for my daughters, one of which included my current issue of Film Fantasy: Eclipse.

Daniel Cudmore during Q&A

After the Q&A, there was a screening on the green of  New Moon, which we did not stay for. By this time, we had been outside in Atlanta heat for almost five hours, and the children were demanding food. But we got freebies, photos and autographs, so it was a day well spent.

Daniel Cudmore is scheduled to return to Atlanta during Labor Day weekend, as a guest at Dragon*Con. For more information, visit the Dragon*Con website.

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