TODAY Show videos from Live Coverage of Wizarding World of Harry Potter Opening

The Today Show has some fun (if sometimes erroneous) videos of their live coverage of the Grand Opening of WWoHP. In the first video, Ann Curry and Al Roker speak to the cast members about their experiences growing up in the films and their reactions to the theme park. Unfortunately, it is a bit obvious that the journalists are not fans, as they are unsure of several well-known facts about the series (Al Roker calls Sir Michael Gambon’s character “Aldis” instead of “Albus” and mentions that the Weasley Twins “supposedly” open up a joke shop), but the interaction between the cast members is magical as usual, and very fun to watch.

The next video in the sequence features the first-grade class from Wilderness Oak Elementary in San Antonio, TX, who were the winners in a “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” contest on the show last month. The students raised $9472.17 as part of their “Hearts for Haiti” fundraiser, in which they sold stick-on art for Valentine’s Day to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The video details their goal, the moment they were announced as winners, and their journey and sneak peek visit into the park.

These students were personally greeted by all of the attending HP cast members and the first “Muggles” to be ushered into the park during the Grand Opening celebration. Their guide? None other than Harry Potter himself, Mr. Daniel Radcliffe.

Video #3 gives a little bit of background history on the series, and the making of some aspects of the park. I think this was the most talked about video amongst Potter fans, because Al Roker and Ann Curry cast a “stupefy” spell which turned Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales in frogs, and we know that’s not a proper spell!

Other videos are also available of Al Roker visiting the shops, tasting Butterbeer and being chosen by a wand at Ollivander’s. All of these videos can be seen on the TODAY Show website at this link.

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