Stephen King’s “The Stand”

Stephen King’s “The Stand” is playing all day long today on the SyFy Channel. This story has been one of my favorites since I was 17 years old; it was the first book that I ever pulled an all-nighter to read (and believe me, at over 1100 pages, it took all of that and then some to read it!). The story is so complex, and yet so simple at the same time – it’s the ultimate story of good vs. evil, of God vs. the Devil. It has characters who are rich and colorful, yet still flawed and realistic. Even without the supernatural element of the story, you will always find in your life a Mother Abigail or a Randall Flagg, a Nick Andros, Lloyd Henreid, or even a misguided Trashcan Man.

Usually television or movie adaptations don’t meet my expectations, especially with a story as extensive as “The Stand”, but the fact that the producers took the time to fully explore the story (by making the movie an 8 hour mini-series), it is – in my opinion – one of the truest book-to-movie adaptations I’ve ever had the chance to watch. If you’ve never read the book or watched the mini-series, consider this one of my recommendations. You will not be disappointed.

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