Formal programming for Infinitus announced

The Infinitus website has posted full summaries for the formal programming panels scheduled to be presented the weekend of July 15 – 18. The topics vary in range: there are topics relating to education (“Harry Potter and Virginia Tech: Studying the Phenomenon in the College Classroom” and “Teaching Harry, Exploring Difference” are a couple of examples), morality (“The Seven Deadly Horcruxes: Voldemort as a Mortal Sinner” and “The Better Man: the Morality of Youth in the Harry Potter Series”), arts and crafts (“Build a Potter” and “Magical Stitchery: Learning the Basic of Cross Stitch”) and other great panels.

I will be a first-time presenter at Infinitus, with the panel “Potterholics Non-Anonymous”; the summary can be found here on the website and also below:

Potterholics Non-Anonymous
Kat Amitrano and Hanako M. Ricks
The World of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter are magical, wonderful things. The joy this series has brought – and continues to bring – is immeasurable. Happiness such as this should always be shared. At Potterholics Non-Anonymous, we admit we are addicted to all things Harry Potter and are powerless to fight it. However, instead of recovery, we invite you to share your enthusiasm with hundreds of others. This presentation will explore the pathway of creating a supportive local network of fellow individuals who share your enthusiasm for this literary sensation. We will explore ways of promoting a new group, step through a sample format for any party, provide discussion topics which will inspire intellectual debates and curious new insight, show how to “Potter-ize” popular games for the enjoyment of party goers, and how to do it all at an affordable cost for every attendee. Whether you are a member of an already established HP Fan Group or not, this lecture could offer you something you may never have considered before.

Kat Amitrano has been a member of the Atlanta Adult Harry Potter Fan Group for 3 and 1/2 years. Although not a founding member, she has hosted and co-hosted many parties. In her spare time, she and her co-presenter, Hanako M. Ricks, travel the thrift store/Goodwill mega circuit in the Metro Atlanta area in search of discarded Harry Potter memorabilia. Their finds have helped decorate many parties.

Hanako M. Ricks is a wife, mother of three, full-time student in pursuit of a Journalism degree, and sole blogger on her website confessions of a Grown-Up Fangirl. She became a member of Atlanta HP in 2007, after meeting members of the group at her very first Dragon*Con. She is also a contributor to the Sci-Fi Party Line website and occasional guest on the SFPL podcast.

One thought on “Formal programming for Infinitus announced

  1. Great! I’ll be presenting at Infinitus also! I hope to meet you there.

    This will be my third time presenting at an HPEF conference. I was a presenter at Portus and Azkatraz prior to this one.

    Come by my blog at to read about all of the conventions I have coming up this summer. Please leave a comment, and if you like my blog, please tell other HP fans about it. Thanks!

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