Book Thoughts: “Dead in the Family” (minor spoilers)

I don’t like writing reviews for the simple fact that I don’t like having to try to talk about a book/show/movie while trying to screen myself from giving out possible spoilers. But I do want to get a few of my thoughts out now; my opinions of books tend to change once some time has gone by, or I get a chance to re-read and alter my thoughts.

Hmm…what to say about Dead in the Family? As usual, I enjoyed re-immersing myself into the Southern Vampire world, but in this – the 10th book – I found myself torn between wanting more, and wanting something different.

Some of the good:

*More exploration of the Sookie/Eric relationship.

*More Claude.

*More action, more Weres

*Interesting new characters – Vampire-wise.

Some of the things I did not like:

* The fact that CHarris tends to over-explain some of the key points of the series over and over and over again. In Book #10, I don’t need to read Sookie’s explanation of how her power works…again. I’ve had to read that in all nine of the previous books.

* Too much political talk. I understand that the Were/Vampire legislation is a big deal in the series, but there was way too much political talk for my taste. Vampire politics, Were politics, human politics; I don’t even like talking about politics in real life, much less do I want to read about it in a fantasy world.

* Not enough Bill. I understand that there are a lot of fans who do not like Bill, but I am one of the ones who is sympathetic to his plight and the accumulating set of circumstances that have gotten him where he is, storyline-wise. I was sad to see him reduced to such a minor character in this book. But when he did show up, the scenes were very moving, very powerful for me.

*No Bubba.

All in all it was a great book, just as with the others. Entertaining with enough silliness in it to be fun without being cheesy. Now comes the long wait for Book #11.

1 thought on “Book Thoughts: “Dead in the Family” (minor spoilers)

  1. I had some of the same feeling posted on my blog about these same issues. Although I did not mention Bill much. While I am not a fan of the Bill/Sookie relationship I do not mind him as much by the end of the last book. He redeemed himself.

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