Stephenie Meyer announces new Twilight-inspired novella

Stephenie Meyer made a surprise announcement via her official website this morning: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which chronicles the last human days and first “newborn” days of Bree (Jane’s unfortunate victim in Eclipse), will be published this summer. The book  – which was originally written as background information for the author, never to be released – will be available to the public for free on it’s own official website, between June 7th and July 5th. (You can pre-order the book from Amazon). It will then be made available for purchase in a hardcover edition, with a retail price of $13.99. $1.00 for each book sold will be donated to the American Red Cross International Response Fund. The full press release, including details about the premise for the books, can be found at this link.

Photo from Stephenie Meyer's website

Cover art for The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

While I’m sure this is exciting news for most Twilight fans, I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering: would Stephenie Meyer please go ahead and finish Midnight Sun??

4 thoughts on “Stephenie Meyer announces new Twilight-inspired novella

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  2. I want her to finish Midnight Sun as well. I found it more interesting than Twilight was. Perhaps I was getting tired of Bella. Nice to see Edward’s perspective.

  3. I think Midnight Sun is a lot better because of that fact. With Edward’s ability, we can get so many more viewpoints, which makes the story better, in my opinion. That was one of the few things I liked about Breaking Dawn; it wasn’t all Bella, all the time.

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