Presenting at Infinitus – Suggestions Needed

Well, it has now been fully confirmed that I – along with my friend Kat – will be presenters at Infinitus. Our panel will talk about being “Potterholics” and how to start, promote and successfully run a Harry Potter meetup group. Kat and I are both members of Atlanta HP, which is an adult-only (18 and over) HP group, and this will be my very first time presenting at a convention/conference.

More details should be available on the Infinitus website over the next few weeks about this and other panels/activities that will be available during the convention.

We could use the help of other Potter fans! We are having a hard time coming up with a suitable name for our panel, so we’d like to get some input from you. Here are the titles we’ve come up with; please vote for your favorite one, or it none of them suit you, please make a suggestion. Thanks!!

Description of Panel: How to start, promote and successfully run a Harry Potter group in your town/city. We plan to provide examples of past parties that we (and others) have hosted, along with suggestions for games, group activities, etc.


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