Atlanta New Moon DVD release party: pics, video and details!!

Tonight, my daughters and I attended the DVD release party for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and we were not disappointed. The event was hosted by STAR 94 radio, and DJ Spoon was our Master of Ceremonies. The evening consisted of fun Twilight and STAR 94 trivia, and included several giveaways: stand up posters of Edward, Bella, Jacob and the trio; a Twilight Scene-It game, mini calendars, and STAR 94 gift items. At 11:30, Chaske Spencer and Tyson Houseman (who play Sam Uley and Quil Ateara, respectively) were ushered onstage for a Q&A session that was fun to witness.

Everyone who purchased the DVD at midnight got their copy signed by Chaske and Tyson; both of my daughters were also fortunate enough to have a copy of the books signed as well. Somehow, the store managers were allowing people who had purchased the videos to come back through the line for another autograph, and they ended up giving my oldest daughter another signed DVD. For free. Those two girls sure do come in handy sometimes. 🙂 Chaske and Tyson were also very gracious enough to let my daughter snap a photo of them, even though the managers said that no photos were allowed at the signing desk (luckily, he didn’t say this until after she had snapped the photo.

Image is property of hmrpotter; if using, please credit.

Video from the Q&A session and photos will be posted on the blog; you can also find them at my YouTube page. Photos can be found here.

And a reminder: Chaske Spencer will be back in Atlanta this Labor Day weekend, attending his first DragonCon.

Side Note: Chaske Spencer is FINE. AS. HELL. And he’s my age, so I don’t feel as bad saying that as I do when I say the same thing about Taylor Lautner, who is half my age. I’m just sayin…

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