True Blood confirmations for DragonCon

I am all in a tizzy here in my seat because two of the stars of “True Blood” have been confirmed for DragonCon! Sam Trammell and Nelsan Ellis, who play Sam Trammell and Lafayette Reynolds, respectively, have both been added to the guest list on DragonCon’s website this weekend. As I am a HUGE fan of Lafayette (and Trammell’s portrayal of Sam make him more likeable for me than the book character), I am very excited!

This is probably my most favorite scene from the whole True Blood series, and I always post it whenever someone asks my why I love Lafayette. Enjoy!!

Looks like I better start saving up those dollars now…

4 thoughts on “True Blood confirmations for DragonCon

  1. Hm so far two actors from the show, wonder if any more will show up? So how does this work? Does one pay to get in to the convention or to meet the actors or both? As ComicCon was sold out DragonCon is a very real possibility. However I need to know how much money to save up. What about meeting authors, does that cost money as well? Or do autographs? Am thinking of LK Hamilton or Charlaine Harris, they would be the only ones I would want to have autograph their latest books.

    • The admission cost for the weekend covers all 4 days; you have access to all of the panels, vendor rooms, parties and other DragonCon activities. Book author signings are no charge, but photo ops and autographs for tv and movie celebrities are charged separately. The average for most photo ops are between $30 and $60, with some bigger named stars charging more. The prices for photo ops are usually posted prior to the convention, and can be pre-purchased in advance. You can find out more information on the DragonCon website at

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