Harry Potter news galore

Real life has been kicking my behind over the past week or so, so I’ve been severely lacking in updating this blog. Let’s hope that I can fix that this weekend, and get some goodies posted!

There have been several HP updates over the past week or so, and rather than spam with several posts, I’ll just combine some of the biggest news here.

  • The first television promo for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter debuted on Super Bowl Sunday. I must confess, I was expecting maybe a little more flash and awe, but I’m pretty sure that Universal has figured out that a tease will leave us unsatisfied and wanting more, which I’m sure they will provide in the coming weeks ahead. For those of you who missed it, the commercial can be viewed here.
  • Speaking of the Wizarding World, Universal has re-vamped the WWoHP website, and it looks great! With each passing week, I get just a little more excited for this world to become a reality.
  • I am officially registered for Infinitus 2010!! Don’t know what Infinitus is? It’s an HPEF (Harry Potter Education Fanon) sponsored fan conference which brings together all aspects of Harry Potter fandom for a weekend of fun, education, and fellowship. Check out the website and come join us!http://www.infinitus2010.org/index.html
  • The HP Alliance’s “Helping Haiti Heal” fundraiser has raised more than $112,000 over the past three weeks for earthquake relief. Once hitting the $100K mark, Partners in Health agreed to name the three planes taking supplies to Haiti after our favorite world-saving trio: Harry, Ron and Hermione. J.K. Rowling also publicly thanked HP fans for their support with the following statement:

To everyone who has helped raise such an incredible amount for the earthquake survivors in Haiti: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Like many others, I made a personal donation to the DEC shortly after the earthquake happened; but never did I expect such an amazing response from all of you. You cannot imagine how awed, moved and humbled I am to know that planes named Harry, Ron and Hermione are going to be flying off to help. I did not need this to remind me how extraordinary Harry’s fans are, but you keep giving me proofs. THANK YOU! – Jo


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