TV in 2010

It is almost time for my beloved shows to return from hiatus, and I must say that I’m really excited about it. I believe that 2009 was the year I watched the most television, since I’m usually more of a reader than a couch potato. Here are the shows that I am most looking forward to seeing return:

The Vampire Diaries
Law and Order: SVU


True Blood

Now, this list may not seem like a lot to most people, but considering that I both work and go to school full-time, have 3 kids to care for, and try to have some kind of a social life – in between doing lots of Potter-related stuff – this is actually quite a lot. Also, I know that there are other shows out there (both active and cancelled) that I’ve had recommended to me, and I do want to try to fit some of that in as well. Needless to say, my DVR will probably be getting a good workout this year.

What shows do you like? What would you recommend? Let me know.

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