New Moon: A Few Thoughts

I took my daughters to see New Moon yesterday, so I got to see the movie for the second time. Surprisingly, I still loved it as much as I did the first time, and I can say the movie has renewed my interest in the series. I have heard a few really negative reviews from people I know, but here are the things that I loved about it.

Relationship between Edward and Bella – MUCH better played out in this one, in my opinion. I really felt like the relationship was quite rushed in Twilight and it in New Moon it just seemed more realistic. One other thing I realized: the parts of their interaction/dialogue where I previously thought it was so “corny” that I had to look away were actually not corny at all. I was reacting to the intensity of the E/B relationship. Have you ever seen people in love share an intimate moment, and you felt like you were intruding by simply looking? That’s how I feel when I see Robert and Kristen onscreen. In the movies or in real life, the chemistry between them is so intense and so undeniable, that I literally feel it in my bones when I look at them. I don’t know if anyone else does, but there it is.

Relationship between Jacob and Bella – Let me say that Taylor Lautner’s portrayal of Jake is the only thing that makes my heart break about this relationship. Jacob was not a favorite character of mine in the books, but I love movie!Jacob. Again, the writers did a great job of showing the building relationship between Jake and Bella; this budding relationship was more believable to me than the E/B buildup of Twilight. It seemed better paced and more realistic. We got to see Jacob fall in love with Bella and her developing feelings for him. The near-kiss was so inevitable that evenI was saying “kiss him already, dammit!” and I’m a hardcore EB shipper!

The Wolf Pack – just…awesome! I cant even say anything that would make that statement better. They were awesome.

The opening scene with Bella looking at her old self in the mirror was very well done. I was surprised to see it there, but I’m glad that they included it. Actually, this movie stayed pretty true to the book; there wasn’t much that they left out.

The Volturi – seemed as though the casting was well done, but aside from Aro and the ass-kicking Felix (yes, even I have to admit that Edward got handed his ass on a silver platter), there wasn’t enough dialogue from them. Caius was very…pretty, for lack of a better word. And I really wanted to see Dakota Fanning have a bit more dialogue. In my mind reading the books, Jane is like a mini-Umbridge, and I hate that there was not enough time to show that on screen. But overall the scene in Italy was great.

I’m sure that there’s a lot of other things I could gush about (let’s not get me started on the airtime that Jacob’s amazing abs received), but I think you get the picture; I loved the movie.


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