Thursday night squee!! (Spoilers are included)

I don’t usually write reviews, because I can get tad bit long-winded when I begin discussing anything in fandom, but last night was a bit too awesome for me to skip over.

November 19 was a great day for me as a fangirl: Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and New Moon, all in the same night. I laughed, I cried, I lusted. 🙂 Here’s a quick run-down, and SPOILERS are included so read at your own risk!!!

The Vampire Diaries – Overall, this was a great episode, for a lot of reasons. First off, I have a question: what is it about the Gilbert women that make them so desirable? The return of Logan this week puts a slight monkey-wrench in Jenna’s life, as she is clearly trying her best to move on. Luckily, Alaric is around to be her knight in shining armor. Still don’t know how I feel about his character; it’s clear that he has an ulterior motive for being in Mystic Falls; unfortunately we will have to wait until January (freaking January!) to find out what it is.

As much as I love Elena’s character (better in the show than in the book series), I must say that I’m getting a bit tired of the yo-yo act she’s pulling with Stefan. First, she finds out that Steffan is a vamp and says she can’t She “doesn’t” want to be with him, yet continues to call him. Then, she decides – when he tries to leave her – that she loves him and can’t be without him. They kiss and make up (and make love off camera), but upon finding a picture of Katherine (whom he told her in the first episode, that she greatly resembles), she leaves upset and in tears. I really need her to pick an emotion and stick with it, because it’s becoming a bit tiresome watching her go through her conflicting emotions.

Damon, Damon, Damon. As much as I want to hate this character, I simply can’t. I really feel like there’s more to Damon than just revenge and hate; his heartbreak last week over not freeing Katherine proves it. I’m just really interested in seeing where his story goes.

And Logan got what he deserved…

Supernatural – Oh my goodness…I can’t remember the last time an episode made me cry so much. While I am glad that the storyline has delved back into the impending Apocolypse, I am absolutely heartbroken that it had to come as the price of the deaths of Ellen and Jo Harvelle. The fact that Jo ended up dying because she tried to save Dean is not lost on me, either; as nonchalant as she tried to be around him (her rebuff at his attempt to sleep with her was fun to watch), her actions showed her true feelings. And Jensen Ackles very convincingly made me feel that his heartbreak over Jo’s impending death was just as deep as Sam’s had been for either Jessica or Madison. That first/last kiss…I bawled my eyes out. And that’s not even talking about Ellen’s heartbreak over having to watch her only child die. But she did what I expected her to do; she stuck by her child through the very end and used her last moments on Earth to help the boys get closer to defeating Lucifer. The impromptu funeral held in the silence of Bobby’s living room broke my heart, and now makes me feel that with the numbers dwindling down, the end seems very imminent not only for the boys, but for the series as well.

New Moon – OMFG Taylor Lautner!!! Okay, now that that’s out of the way…LOL…let me just say that overall, I loved the movie. Was it the best thing I’ve ever seen? No, but it was pretty good…better than Twilight. I’m going to take my kids to see it tomorrow, so I think I’ll wait until then to do a review. I always watch the first time with rose-colored glasses, so I want to see if my thoughts on it will change between now and then. But for now, it was awesome. 🙂

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