Kinda all over the place this week

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately due to school, so I’ve been neglecting my blog and my LJ. So I guess I’ll just throw in a mix of stuff and hope that it makes sense.

V – Even though I proclaim myself a bit of a sci-fi geek, there’s still a lot of “must see” sci-fi that I need to familiarize myself with. V is one of them. I don’t recall ever seeing the 80’s version of the show, and therefore was not really excited about it coming to television. I actually decided to watch it simply because a lot of people were talking about it, and I had nothing else to watch on tv that night. I am glad that I did. The pilot was well done, with enough mystery and intrigue so that those of us watching for the first time ever knew where the storyline seems to be heading, but not to the point where we could figure out the whole premise of the show within the first hour. It looks as though it will be a great show to watch (and also, any excuse to look at Scott Wolf, Morena Baccarin and Morris Chestnut will do).

The Vampire Diaries – I must admit, even I didn’t see what Damon had planned to do until the end. And it was brilliant. Sad, yet brilliant. I loved how the writers chose to show a “typical” schoolgirl conflict – the whole “I don’t want to be with you but I’m gonna be snarky to the other female in your life” – and I also loved how they made Lexi the complete opposite: instead of toying with Elena’s jealousy or being a complete bitch, she took the mature road, which is very different from the way others in her situation would have reacted. It was wonderful to see Stefan in a situation where he could be completely himself; funny, playful and happy and my heart was breaking for him by the end of the episode. This scenario was definitely not in the books, and I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

And did I mention how much I love Ian Somerhalder’s deliciously evil portrayal of Damon? And side note: Bonnie and Elena’s girlfriend moment was absolutely awesome. Much needed lightheartedness.

Supernatural – Only a show like Supernatural could take a concept as cheesy as being stuck in tv land, tie it to the Apocalypse, and do it well. I love how they are taking the current storyline and completely tying it in with events that have happened since Season 1. But now that we know what the plans are for Sam and Dean, what does that mean for the two brothers? Most of the Supernatural fandom have long suspected that the brothers would have to fight each other in the end, and it definitely looks as though this will become a reality. Will we also see Papa Win this season? I wouldn’t be too surprised…

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