The Twilight Saga: New Moon

This time last year, I was in a full fangirl frenzy over the series Twilight. Not just the books, but also for the movie, which was released in November. Since then, I’ve read other vampire series and have slowly fallen out of love with the book series (I still like it, but not nearly as much as I once did), but I am still quite in love with the visual adaptation of the novels.

I had high hopes for the Twilight movie last year, and although I understand the reasons for some of the issues the movie had, I was not 100% pleased with the movie. The more and more I’ve watched it, the more uncomfortable I get at recognizing some of the more “cheesy” aspects of the film.

With the upcoming release of New Moon, however, I can say that I’m truly excited to see what this version will look like onscreen. The fangirl in me is not as frenzied as I was last year (for instance, I can now look at Robert Pattinson and not hyperventilate on site LOL), but I am still very excited about this movie. The trailers and promos look AWESOME, and I must admit that the Volturi look dangerously beautiful. Taylor Lautner is making me forget that lusting over him could be considered pedophile-like behavior, and the wolf pack…um, just one word: abs!!

I’ve already got my ticket for the midnight release here in Atlanta, and plan to be there with some great friends to cheer my teams on (yes, I’ve slowly switched from Team Edward to Team Switzerland, all because of aforementioned T. Lautner). Hopefully, this movie will be able to help me remember why I fell in love with the books in the first place.

Oh, and Stephenie Meyer, I really need you to finish Midnight Sun, like, yesterday.

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