Hanako the Potter Geek: "My DragonCon weekend is officially over!!

Yes…I don’t have the strength to go tomorrow, so I’m officially done with the Con weekend.
I am in the process of putting up pictures now, and will have full con reports in the next few days.
I will say these things very briefly:
1) The tribute for Don S. Davis was lovely. Being the first SGOWF panel I’ve gone to, I was amazed at the love and devotion the fans have to the series, and also the very loving, respectful and poignant remembrances by his former co-stars. There was not a moment that I sat in that panel and did not cry. Amazing send off for an amazing man.


2) I love the Potter fandom. Of all the fandoms I’ve seen, no one does it better than the Potter fans. The costumes at this year’s Yule Ball were nothing short of spectacular. The cosplayers are all awesome, and I had a lot of fun with the different “photoshoots” tonight. If you can’t tell by the smiles in my pictures, I had an amazing time.
3) Matthew Lewis is also nothing short of spectacular. I sat in two of his panels this weekend and he was very gracious, funny and appreciative of the fans. He talked to my daughters on the phone Friday. He spoke to fans one-on-one and was very down to earth. He posed for pictures at the Yule Ball, after showing up with his brother even though he had said he was not feeling well. I tell you, I love that Matt Lewis. As long as he keeps coming to the con, I’ll come to say hello.
Here are two of my favorite pics from the Ball (and as I mentioned earlier, I will post more later on tonight, before I completely pass out!!)



Me with Matthew Lewis in front of the Platform 9 3/4 display from the YA Lit track.



And this guy (who is one of my favorite Snape cosplayers) won the Costume Contest…and true die-hard HP fans will know why!!!
What is that mysterious ticking noise?…

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